STEM Dresses

STEM Dresses

There seems to be a big push lately for STEM clothes for girls. And why not? Girls can like things other than princesses and butterflies! There have actually been a few kickstarter campaigns on the subject lately. (I’m bummed only one of these got funded.)

Mad Scientist Day Dress

In the past couple of months I’ve had the chance to create a couple of STEM themed dresses for Little Bit. One for Mad Scientist Day at school and the other for Pi Day — after all, this year’s Pi Day was pretty epic.

Pi Day Dress

Both of these dresses ended up being MODKID patterns and my geeky themed fabrics are from Spoonflower.

Pi Fabric From SpoonFlower Details

Mad Scientist Dress

Mad Scientist Pattern Details

ModKid Riley

Pi Dress Pattern Details

ModKid Melanie

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