What I’ve Sewn

I haven’t been sewing for very long so while I can still remember everything I’ve sewn, I figured I’d put it down on ‘paper.’ (Details Added as I have time.)

  1. little red riding hood cape and tutu
  2. halloween peasant dress
  3. birthday/back to school dress
  4. swim coverup
  5. jessie costume
  6. Grinch costume (dog)
  7. pirate costume
  8. jolly roger sun dress
  9. pattern tester
  10. elsa costume
  11. Hoodie Sew Along
  12. Birthday Outfit
  13. Avery Sew-along/Sheriff Callie Costume
  14. Sparky costume (dog)
  15. tinker bell sundress
  16. Olaf Nightgown
  17. London Sew-along
  18. Reese Christmas Dress
  19. Football baby Blanket
  20. Kangaroo Pocket Skirt Upcycle
  21. Princess Fabric Basket – 1/5/2015
  22. MODKID Rachel
  23. Mad Scientist Dress
  24. Pi Day Dress
  25. secret project
  26. secret project
  27. My Little Pony Prefontaine Shorts

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