Rachel Dress – Bundle Up

MODKID Rachel Dress by Analog Bytes

One of the patterns I bought for the recent bundle up promotion was the Rachel Dress by MODKID. This is a knit pattern with a drop waist and a ruffled asymmetrical hem.

For the first item to made from the bundle up patters, I chose this one since I had fabrics in my stash that I thought would work and I need practice with knits and the serger. I’ve sewn knits before with just a regular needle and thread, but this was my first time using a double needle, wooly nylon, and a serger for knits and boy do I need a lot of practice.

I’ve learned quite a few things working on this dress:

  1. a double needle is my new favorite thing and is absolutely worth taking the time to change the needle for
  2. speaking of needles, they’re not nearly as scary to change as I thought (yes, my sewing machine is a year and a half old and this is the first time I’ve changed a needle)
  3. screwing up on a serger is a lot harder to recover from
  4. a serger will let you continue sewing with the foot up
  5. there is a point where you have to scrap a project and either give up or start over — I didn’t quite reach that point, but there were a couple of points I questioned whether or not I should continue.
  6. I’ll update the post with more pictures once my model is awake.

    Pattern Details

    ModKid Rachel
    • Lavender knit with Dots from clearance table at local fabric store (from stash)
    • Charcoal Gray knit from clearance table at local fabric store (from stash)
    • Silver Gray stretch lace from Etsy (purchased for something else)

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