Kid’s Clothes Week – Feb 2015

kid's clothes week

The next kid’s clothes week is Feb 2-8, 2015 and the optional theme is upcycled.

I have a handful of up cycling projects in the queue so this will be the time to start doing something with them.

Since I’m a slow sewer, I’ll be lucky to get through all this in the hour/day sewing challenge, but I have these projects on my to-do list:

  • Go To Leggings from an old pair of my sweatpants (these are already cut, just need to be sewn)
  • Oliver+s Sailboat skirt from a Pair of Chris’s old khakis
  • A sweater dress from an old sweater along these lines:

  • And I may try to squeeze in this Kangaroo Pocket Skirt Refashion with an old thick knit shirt.

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