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I’ve been in a Lifestyle photography group on Facebook for a while and this is the first time I’ve managed to both complete the assignment and get it blogged about in time for the monthly post. The group uses a song each month as inspiration to capture everyday moments in our lives.

This month’s theme is brave and was inspired by Sara Bareilles’ song Brave. Being brave is something we have talked about a lot in the last two months. I’m finding out just how intimidating this world can be for a newly four year old to navigate and comprehend.

Brave can apply to so many everyday situations from starting a new class at school with two new teachers and being filled with entirely new friends; getting new instructors at our extra curricular activities; being a flower girl and walking down an aisle alone; and just talking to people and answering questions.

I had so many ideas as to how I wanted to photograph this theme, and in the end I ended up using pictures that weren’t shot with this intention. We recently got back from a very quick trip to Disney World. My little girl was so excited to meet the princesses and other characters, but when it came time to meet her first princess, she was too shy to do so. We were at Enchanted Tales with Belle and she was very hesitant to go up to Belle and decided to stay back with us even after I offered to go up with her.

The next morning we had a character breakfast with the fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto) and while she was ecstatic to see them at a distance she wasn’t so sure about getting close to them. The pictures I captured as the various characters came over and sat down next to her show her working on being brave.

Minnie, You Are a Lot Bigger Than I Expected

Oh, Wow, It's Really You!

Wait, I'm not too Sure About This Hand Holding

Okay, That's Too Close

Goofy, You're Really Tall

High Five For Goofy!

Hey, This Isn't So Bad.

He's Invading My Personal Space

This is Cool.

Very Skeptical of the Mouse

Mickey is Pretty Cool

By the time the last of the Fab 5 cam by, she was feeling much braver. And while Pluto didn’t come and sit down next to her, she did say “Hi, Pluto.” I’m so proud of my little girl.

Next in the blog circle is Lucy Sandeen from Lucy Elayne Photography. This month’s theme was inspired by her daughter who just completed her last chemo treatment. The spirit of this little girl is infectious; she is a fighter and I have so much admiration and respect for her and her mother. Lucy’s Brave post.

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  1. I love watching her gradually warming up to them! This is special for me also, with my ties to Disney characters. :) There is something so magical about seeing your little one warming up to Disney characters. I’m so glad that she was brave and gave them a chance. So sweet! <3

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